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6 Week Makeover

6 Week Makeover: An Introspective Guide to change is a six-week group designed for individuals seeking change and direction in their lives. Be it substance abuse, overeating, lack of money management, or repeated involvement in unhealthy relationships, most people want some type of desired change in order to have more fulfilling lives. This group is only six weeks, however, if participants fully participate and complete the work in and out of the group setting it will open up the door for introspection in order for the change process to begin. 6 Week Makeover is designed to touch inner thought, intellect, body, spirit, and the heart. Each group session will focus on each of those areas within the context of the lesson. Clients will have the opportunity to write out and explore their thoughts on worksheets and discussion within the group. The last 30 minutes of the group is devoted to self-love. Each group will end with a guided meditation followed by a standing Yoga pose.



Join us for a MAKEOVER WEEKEND. This is a weekend that will cover all components of 6 WEEK MAKEOVER in locations nested in nature to be free from city life and anxiety. The will be a weekend full of mind and spirit work.Next Group Scheduled for. - No current dates (coming soon)


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