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January 10, 2021
In Memory Of

I was going to write this the day Emma Jean Dotson died but at the time the emotion was there I had no pen or paper.  I did not think the words would come back. However they did, and at the time of this righting I sat in my truck in the parking lot of Affinity Baptist Church and began to write.  The funeral had just finished and we were waiting for the hearse to lead the way to Lakeview cemetery.  

How do you say goodbye to a mother, wife and friend.  I watched and cried.  I did not know Emma Jean well.  Matter of fact I had only met her twice. The first time was in her kitchen while she was cooking and laughing and feeding me.  The second time she looked so sad and depressed however still cooking.  Little did we know she was dying slowly each time.  I had to watch my friend hurt and morn for her mother.  How she did that with such class and grace.  I know my God was with her.  He sustained her and I knew he would be with me when my time came.

She left this world with a legacy of love, family values and cooking.  As we made the long drive to lay her to her final resting place, I could not help but notice what a beautiful fall day it was.  We had had no sun in weeks but the day was clear, crisp and cool.  All the fall leaves were falling and the sky was a beautiful blue.  If you know Cleveland, then you knew a clear day was one of the most beautiful things you could see.  I remember thinking it would have been a perfect day to be born or have died.  I learned and felt so clearly at that moment to LIVE.  The previous year I had lost a friend.  I should say we lost a friend.  My friend that was now burying her mother grieved along side with me when we had buried our friend Rex. This time I was with her grieving her loved one.  O Jesus I thought, what is in store for us next year!  In their deaths I have learned again that I must live life to the fullest.  They both lived and enjoyed life until their last breath.  Neither allowing anyone to grieve for them during life.  I pray to see them both again and that I live by their example now.  When the last words were said and done and we left Emma Jeans body at the grave, I could not help but wonder how we would live our lives from that point on and how her touch on our lives would change things.


In Memory of Emma Jean Dotson

8-14-44   to  10-31-2002

Joy Reid

Joy Reid is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the owner of Life Enrichment:Individual, Family and Business Solutions LLC which provides Counseling Services, Reiki, Customer Care Training and Professional Workshop Development.  She holds an Associates Degree in Information Processing, Bachelors Degree in Social Psychology, Masters Degree in Counseling and has Ph.D. studies in Social Policy Analysis and Planning. Ms. Reid is passionate about living your life to the fullest and tapping into all the gifts and talents you possess.

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