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Namaste: Not Today

April 8, 2021

I started my day with gratitude. Minutes later, I meditated at my altar and then trotted off to yoga. Returning home from an hour of up and down dogs, I completed my forgiveness homework in preparation for my "All is Well" workshop. It had been a spirit-filled morning!


So why was I craving chocolate? That decadent, good-for-nothing-acne-producing-mood elevator and downer. And a bag of M&M's would not suffice. No, I wanted the super-indulgent Magnum Sea Salt Caramel ice cream with chunks of sweet dark chocolate. Studies had shown that excessive sweets decrease our spiritual focus, taking us from the high of nirvana to the abyss of earthiness. Where had I gone wrong?


My friend Natalie hadn't indulged in sugary treats for decades.She successfully kicked the sugar habit and now lives in a world of home grown alfalfa sprouts and sauerkraut. Her skin is flawless, and her temperament always even. She became my guidepost for healthy eating. Following her advice, I sprouted, canned, and invested in Mason jars. However, in the end, pampering vegetables to the right level of fermentation just wasn't worth it.


Like so many of us on the quest for spiritual-led living, I aim for perfection. Perfect yoga poses, intense meditation and adherence to fengshui principles. However, I have adjusted and now allow myself to skip my daily meditation sessions. Sure, rituals are essential to my spiritual growth, but perfunctory routines become boring and ineffective. Besides, if I veer too far off the path, my sweet Inner Voice always guides me a right.


At last, I head to Rite-Aid for a pint of Magnum ice cream. As I walk through the aisles toward the freezer, I second-guess my decision. Wasn't there a healthier alternative? At Rite Aid? Probably not. Making my purchase, I return home ready to rip off the container lid as soon as I enter the kitchen.The treat satisfies. Turning on the TV, I am excited that there is a Matlock marathon. I grant myself a few hours of mindless activity. Magnum and Matlock were acceptable trade-offs for fermented cabbage and the latest You tube video on finding my lost Inner Child!


Jacqueline Owen

Rev. Jacqueline Owen a life long Clevanlander who has lived her life with intention and passion. She has been seen ballroom dancing with stylish grace across  ballroom floors, as well as captivating listeners during her public speaking in Toastmasters. Jacqueline gives us just a bit of a tease on her writing ability that leaves us waiting for the next page. You can connect with Jacqueline on Linkdin

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