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January 10, 2021
Business Sense

Smart business owners shouldn’t have to worry about running every department in their business. Why do we do this? Is it because we do not want to let anyone in and ruin what took us years to build? We went all in to start this and we are not going to let anyone destroy it. 


Wearing all the hats is exhausting and stressful. As you run your business, you shouldn’t have to worry about every administrative task or behind the scenes work. You find your self doing the finances, IT, marketing, sales, chasing. . . wait… I thought this was supposed to be the answer to leaving the 9 to 5 and being an owner. Life would be EASY!? Now I don’t have any time at all because I am doing more than what I was doing in the corporate world. Hold the phone!


Think! It is . . . 


...less expensive in time and money to source out the work by hiring a permanent member to perform aid role or projects. If it’s a project that isn’t permanent why put someone on your payroll? Save money by hiring an expert for the work. When that job is done, they are no longer needed but will be ready for your business again. 


Keep great talent in your reach. Partner with great minds and talent. Respect their skill and they will respect your skill. Sometimes your competitors aren’t really your competitors. What about your peers? Why are they more successful than you? Would it be safe to say that if you have an overflow that they can share the business by helping you or vice versa? Okay.. don’t cuss me out. Easier said than done, right? 


Networking is magical if you let it be. 


We all want the same thing, to own our own business. Let’s capitalize on each other’s expertise. There is an abundance of talent, information, and business to go around.


Shayna Pittman | CEO

Shayna Pittman

Shayna Pittman is the founder of BrandNameSite, A Website Branding Agency

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